Detailed Trade Inspections Your Customer Will Understand

Buyers today come on to the lot armed to the teeth with information they find online about not only the car they want to buy, but what they think their trade is worth.

Unfortunately most consumers aren't trained to do detailed inspections of their vehicles and so their expectations about trade value are often inaccurate or incomplete. This can lead to sales cycle friction and unhappy consumers.

ShowroomCONNECT Features


ShowroomCONNECT provides a clear way to show customers the value of their trade. Starting with consumer trusted Kelley Blue Book® Trade-in Value, your sales reps or buying manager can walk the customer step by step through how their trade was evaluated including detailed interior and exterior damages with photos.

You can even share a copy of their trade assessment with them via email or text: this gives you a branded virtual takeaway that empowers your customer to make an informed decision about their trade.


ShowroomCONNECT is completely integrated into the AutoCloudOne workflow management system so you can forward inspections for buying approval where they will be evaluated alongside other LotCONNECT data or request a more detailed inspection via ShowroomCONNECT if required.